Our Approach

What is Self-Publishing Empire™

Born out of my own desire to run my self-published books as a business, I created a structure for running everything. Five years later, after much trial and error, as well as many successes, I'd like to share what I've learned.

The culmination of my 40+ years of starting, running and selling businesses is Self-Publishing Empire™.

Our Story

The Business of Writing

Self publishing is so much more than just writing a book. There is a business side to things, which most authors ignore. My intent here is to help you to not only come to terms with the business-side of self-publishing, but actually have you create your own Self-Publishing Empire™

Living The Dream

Michael Banner doesn't just write about building a Self-Publishing Empire™, he lives it.


Michael "ML" Banner

Michael, shown here writing while on one of his fully-deductible "Research" trips, cruising the Atlantic.

Want to build your own Self-Publishing Empire™

Don't wait any longer. Grow your self-publishing business into a Self-Publishing Empire™. And it starts with your business entity...