Do you plan on making money on your books in 2020?
Then it's time to start your self-publishing empire, by forming your author entity.

ENTITY START UP is the first book in the Self-Publishing Empire Series of books.

Written by someone who has created over 100,000 entities for small businesses all over the US. He will show you why you need an entity now, how to set one up your own for the lowest cost, and what to do afterwords.

Entity Set Up (Self-Publishing Empire™ Book #1)

Discover why authors need an entity now

Learn your author entity choices

Prepare for set up up

DIY step-by-step

Do what is required after set up

Introduce your author entity to the world


All 51 state agencies and their processes

Author agreements you’ll need

A free incorporation coupon


Step One

Get started building your Self-Publishing Empire™ with Entity Set Up: Why and How Authors Need to Create a Business Entity Now (Self-Publishing Empire Book #1)